"On to Appomattox: Grant & Lee, Following the Warrior's Trail."

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Historian/Writer/Research Assistant, http://explorepahistory.com/  2004-Present
Pennsylvania’s official website for history and heritage. Current project involves the addition of images and enhanced captions for the New Nation, a section which will document the writing of the Constitution in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787. Previous undertakings involved writing and researching enhanced captions for over 200 images used in the Gettysburg Campaign section. http://www.explorepahistory.com/story.php?storyId=23&chapter=1  Gettysburg Historical Markers found at: http://www.explorepahistory.com/storydetails.php?storyId=23&chapter=1#markers Additional images and enhanced captions for the Abraham Lincoln and the Politics of the Civil War section. http://explorepahistory.com/story.php?storyId=9 images and a marker essay on auto racing in Pennsylvania Sports. http://www.explorepahistory.com/hmarker.php?markerId=994 Additional images and enhanced captions for The Arsenal of America: Pennsylvania During the Second World War story. http://www.explorepahistory.com/story.php?storyId=31

Author/Photographer, 2004-Present                                                 
Most of my recent attention has been devoted to a Civil War book entitled; On to Appomattox: Grant & Lee, Following the Warrior's Trail. Sample chapters can be found under  www.WCaryEberly.com/lee.php Book proposal for a photographic narrative tracing George Washington’s battles during the American Revolution has recently been submitted for consideration to both academic and commercial publishers within the United States. With the title, George Washington: Following the Warrior’sTrail, sample chapters are available under Washington Book Proposal.  I am also nearing completion of a sample chapter on Cochise & Geronimo: Following the Warrior's Trail, found under www.WCaryEberly.com/cochise.php And a final book proposal recounting the Battle of Big Dry Wash; the last major battle between Apaches and the U.S. Cavalry on Arizona soil. Blood in the Sky: The Apache Death Struggle at Big Dry Wash, July 17, 1882. http://www.wcaryeberly.com/apache.php

Oil Painter/Art Prints Website,http://www.historicamericanprints.com/ 2006-Present
Initial project involves a single art print offered for sale to the historical art collector. Assisted by a fellow artist and project partner, and guided by my own original design, we combined our skills to render a painting of George Washington based upon a 1787 Charles Willson Peale original. Surrounding General Washington, are eleven smaller portraits based on newly discovered daguerreotypes made in the 1840s. These heretofore undiscovered images are essentially photographs of actual soldiers who served in the Continental Army.